Using your DNS information

In your account setup email you will have been issued with your own set of custom nameservers, typically something like and

The first step is to set your own domain name to use these via your domain registrar. Once your own domain name is working correctly using your nameservers, you can use them for client websites.

In order to 'point' your own, or your clients domain names to our server, you need to log into the registrar of the domain name and set it to use your nameservers. It is not unreasonable to expect your clients to do this for their own domain names.

Within 24-72 hours of making this change, the domain name should be pointing to our servers.

IMPORTANT: If the domain name you're altering was previously hosted by an ISP - for example Xtra - it is a good idea to contact the ISP and ask that they remove the domain from their DNS records. If they don't do this, people connecting via that ISP may continue to be directed to the old hosting account.

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