Limitations on your clients

While we do trust our resellers to make the correct decisions about who to offer hosting services to, we do have a few basic guidelines when it comes to the limitations we place upon your clients.

Most importantly, all clients you host via our reseller service MUST adhere to our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, both of which can be found linked on our website. You may copy and alter these terms for your own use, but please bear in mind that both documents have potential legal implications, so we would advise you to take legal advice before posting your own terms online.

Any clients of yours found in breach of our terms may be suspended at will, or in extreme cases terminated without prior notice. We will of course always endeavour to communicate such issues with you immediately, or where possible before such action takes place. Our first choice will always be to allow you the time to work through issues with your client, but please note that this is not always possible.

In every case, as always, our communication will be directly with you, the reseller. We will in no way contact your client should they breach any hosting conditions.

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