Emailing accounts on the same server

Any email sent from accountA on a server to accountB on the same server will be automatically routed internally, to save both time and bandwidth.

This behaviour does have implications for web hosting resellers, as you may need to contact your clients at an email address in their domain.

When you set up an account "" and send email to, your email will automatically be delivered to their new mailbox. This can be a problem when for example you've sent login information to your client. Because the login information has been delivered to their new account rather than to their current hosting account, they can't login to receive it!

To avoid this happening, we recommend our resellers use one of the two following methods to send email to their client domains.

1) Email your clients using an external email account - for example an email address provided by your ISP, or an email service such as Hotmail.


2) Set the 'SMTP Server' setting for your regular mail account to use an external SMTP Server, for example one provided by your ISP. This allows you to continue using your regular email address, but send all your email through an external server to avoid this issue.

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