Premium Website Backup Service

Secure Nightly Backups Of Your Enitre Hosting Account.

What is our Premium Backup Service?

Our Premium Website Backup service runs behind the scene taking nightly snapshot of your website files, databases, emails and account settings. Your entire hosting account is backed up automatically on a nightly basis. The backup server is remote ensuring further security and integrity.

How does it work?

Once you have purchased our Premium Backup Service your entire hosting account will be backed up on a remote backup server managed by us. This ensures your data is in a safe location and not hosted on the same hardware as your actual website. There is absolutely nothing you need to do! Once you signup, we begin taking the initial snapshot of your hosting account. You can contact us at any time to restore of specific file, database or even restore your entire account to a specific day.

How is this different than a normal backup?

The main advantage of this managed backup service is that you can choose to restore just one file or one folder without the need to restore the entire hosting account. For example, let's say you were working on your homepage and overwrote your current homepage. We can simply restore that one file within minutes and you're all set. No headaches or worries, simple backups and peace of mind.

With a standard backup file you would need to restore the entire hosting account. This means you would lose any emails or files you modified after the backup was generated. The purpose of our new system is to allow you to have backups of your entire hosting account and the ability to restore certain aspects of it or the entire hosting account. You would no longer need to backup any files or folders or have to worry about hackers and security as a complete backup is ready whenever you need it!

Do I really need to backup my site?

It is ALWAYS important to have a reliable backup of your website. With this service your website will be backed up entirely without you having to do any work. In the event you need a restore we can do it within minutes! No hassles and knowing your website is backed up securely is priceless!

How much does the backup service cost?

Our Premium Backup Service is $49.95 for one year, $79.95 if you choose to pay for 2 years and $99.95 for 3 years. There are no additional fees at all!

How do I request a restore?

Open a support ticket and tell us which files/folders/database to restore or confirm if you want your entire account restored.

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Data Is Backed Up On A Remote Server
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