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Happy Customer!

"I signed up on their Starter Cloud plan, got a free domain and am working on building my site with the free site builder provided. So far they have been friendly as I'm pretty new to web hosting. Pretty good provider for my first experience. HostHero also helped me setup my email addresses and a spam blocking system. So far so good!"

- Jennifer Layton
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Solid VPS hosting

"I was suspended a couple of times by my previous web hosting providers due to a spike of traffic coming in to my website which was a nightmare. Problem solved since moving to HostHero! The cloud system handles my blog to distribute sudden surges of traffic. No more annoying suspension for CPU usage for my sites! The support team is really cool and helpful. I can't understand why people are insisting on hosting on other non-cloud providers! The Hosthero Cloud is the only cost-effective solution for your popular sites!"

- Roman Letti
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Very Friendly

"HostHero truly saved the day for me. I had a new blog website I was trying to get on line with HostMonster. I Was on there web site trying to figure out how to get help. The only live phone number was there sales number. I finally was able to get a e-mail address I could write to. Spent to long trying to find it. They wrote back but they couldn't figure out what my problem was. A live phone would have help this situation. I canceled the 24 months I'd signed up for and asked for a refund. They told me that I had 30 days to cancel. It took me 90 days to get the site on line. I told them keep 1 year and help me out with a smaller refund. They keep telling me about the 30 days & didn't I read there disclaimer? Now I'm in good hands and plan on being here for years. The main reason for my satisfaction with HostHero is their staff. The support was super fast and friendly even months after being with them. The cloud technology makes stuff load faster and keeps it fast as your site grows so you don't have to bounce between plans etc. It's just a solid plan from a solid company, Kudos to the HostHero team. "

- Sue Arencibia
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Great Dedicated Hosting

"We have two dedicated server with HostHero with load balancing. They helped with the initial server setup and with the migration of our website. I've been with HostHero for 9 months now and am more than happy to leave a positive review. From the get go they were one of the only hosts who had a real person I could call and speak with. Moving 2 dedicated servers is not simple but they made it seamless and I can't thank them enough. This is really a great hosting company who actually provide support in all aspects, thank you."

- James Langfield
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Love these guys!

"We host our e-commerce shop on the Premium plan at HostHero. We chose this plan as it includes an SSL certificate which we needed and it's been a great experience so far. We used to be with Shopify but having control on our files and databases was a must. The decision to switch was a difficult choice but in the end HostHero has been so helpful whenever we've reached out to support. I'm a happy customer and hope to grow our business here!"

- Leslie Ferguson
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WordPress Hosting

"Okay so I've been with like 5 different hosts and the one reason I chose HostHero is their support for WordPress. They are pros and I'm not just saying that. WordPress is amazing and HostHero is the only host that I've found that has no issues with it. I canuse any theme or plugin I want without having to worry about compatibility. Super fast WordPress hosting at a great price, what else can I say!"

- Marcus W.
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Helpful and friendly

"I host a simple website for our business at HostHero. I was looking for no-frills hosting as we just needed a basic site with emails. I haven't had any issues at HostHero and they seem to be on top of things. No downtime and the best part is their prices don't skyrocket after your term is over. Found out the hard way with other hosts but ever since moving to HostHero things have been fantastic."

- Ryan F.
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Top-notch hosting company

"I've been hosting our music portal website with streaming videos with HostHero for 11 months and have been very happy. They respond to support requests in a timely fashion and their uptime is great. Much like the other reviews I can say I am glad I moved over to HostHero and think they are a great hosting company all around."

- Wayne Huddle
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Fast and friendly

"I'm writing this review after the team at HostHero saved me from my last host. The performance and speed is unbelievably faster. The support team is friendly and know their stuff. They moved all my files, databases and emails from my last host and even installed Joomla for me. I am happy to be a HostHero client and will continue to recommend them to friends and relatives."

- Jerry D.
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Fantastic support team

"I called in with a question about my account a couple of days ago, was almost immediately connected with a guy named Jackson. He took one look at the Joomla I use on my website, and found what was keeping the SEF files from working (I'm still figuring Joomla out). You’ve got some great people working for you, that have obvious technical know-how and great personable qualities. Thank you for a great experience."

- Mark Hutchensen
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Fast cloud servers

"I never really understood "Cloud" hosting or what the benefits vs downsides were, and to be honest, I only heard bad news about how shared resources had a negative impact...that is until I connected with HostHero. A friend recommended them, and I can say I am almost overwhelmed by how amazing its going. They have 24/7 support, reply emails often within 10 minutes, and I have yet to see my site slow down or go down. "

- Dale Winston
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Happy Customer

"I recently took HostHero for a spin (their base cloud hosting plan) and was overwhelmed with the results; I experienced 100% uptime, got ZERO complaints or notices for excessive page-calls when traffic spiked, and real-time expert support for trivial issues (I'm definitely not an advanced web admin). Highly recommended, I will be referring you from my blog!!"

- Bailey
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Fast support response

"Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your wicked fast response time, high level of technical knowledge, and professionalism. It almost makes up for all the hardship other hosting providers have put me through. :)"

- Megan Danby
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Top-notch hosting

"Top notch hosting provider, I give it two thumbs up all the way. From the initial stage of my plan through to now, they have maintained nothing but top level service and have impressed me in ways I didn't know possible. Thanks HostHero, keep it up and I'll keep sending you more business."

- Meena Alani
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Good prices

"Before I found HostHero I was paying my ISP double the money for less disk space and bandwidth. With HostHero, I not only get more for my hard earned dollars, I actually am able to talk to a live support technician on the phone - on site, not outsourced - instead of being on hold for what seems like an eternity. They are Canadian which is another reason I choose to host with them."

- David B.
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Go with HostHero, trust me!

"So I've been with my share of hosting companies but Hosthero does things differently. They give you advice on which plan to choose that makes sense for your website. No cookie-cutter responses or hidden fees. Just simple hosting at a great price. Support is friendly and you can contact them when you need a hand. I've been hosting with them for 2 years and it's been absolutely the best decision I made. I like how they use cPanel and having a one click installer is super handy! Thanks to everyone at HostHero for making hosting a breeze. Your team is absolutely terrific."

- Julia Lowe
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Wonderful hosting company

"I spoke with Alex multiple times before signing up and he was a pleasure to speak with. He explained the difference between the three plans and even gave me a coupon code that wasn't on the website. I saved some money and got my website online the same day. I think they have some of the best hosting servers around and they seem to really take care of their customers."

- Sam Gagne
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Best hosting company

"If you need hosting and email at a great price look then HostHero is your winner. The price for 3 years includes my domain name renewal and having WordPress installed with a few clicks was a bonus. The control panel is easy to navigate and when you're stuck just hop on their live chat. You won't find a better all-around hosting company who covers all the bases."

- Walter B.